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Female Hormone Lab Suggestions

If you still have a cycle – test the last week of your cycle. A 28-day cycle should be tested between days 18-20. Day 1 of your cycle is the first “full day” of starting your period. ESTRADIOLPROGESTERONEFREE TESTOSTERONEDHEA-SCORTISOL – Ideally this is 4x/day salivaSEX HORMONE BINDING GLOBULIN25-HYDROXY D3B12Helpful for cardiovascular health and inflammation indicator:Omega…

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Thyroid Labs

These thyroid labs will give a complete picture of your thyroid. The last 2 tests are the least important, but I feel they are still very important. The only reason why I measure which ones are least important is because your ordering provider may not want to run them unless they see an anamoly within…

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Ordering Your Own Labs

You can order labs yourself. If you order labs yourself, you will not be able to bill insurance for them. But many labs are affordable, and there are many reasons why you may want to order your labs yourself: a) There is always the chance that your insurance may not cover a lab. b) The…

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